Saturday, December 10, 2011

Top 10 FIFA 2012 Player’s

1. Lionel Messi (Overall: 94)

Positions: RW/ST/CF
Age: 24
Origin: Argentina
Club: FC Barcelona
Traits: Team Player
Specialities: Speedster, Dribbler, Acrobat, Clinical Finisher, Complete Forward
Price: £107,500,00

Shadowgun, Feeling "Hold" Gears of War!

This game is superb, WHY???
Not only because of its gameplay promises, but also graphics that nearly equal the quality of the console by using the Unity 3D engine. Well, after initially devoted only to the iPhoneand Android-powered gadgets Nvidia Tegra, some time ago Madfinger Games also released this Shadowgun for all Android gadgets and for all GPU, both NVidia Tegra,Power VR or Adreno.

International version of Final Fantasy Type-0 In Progress

Judul Game : Final Fantasy Type-0
Dev / Pub : Square Enix 1st Production Department / Square Enix
Release Date : Oct 27th 2011 (JP); TBA (US)
Platform : PSP
Genre : Action RPG
In an official interview with Famitsu, director Type-0 Hajima Tabata said he now was not doing anything. But it is a bit contrary to what is in the Type-0 Ultimania Guide. Where in it also contained an interview with Tabata, and there he said that his staff is now working on the translation version of the Type-0.

New Gran Turismo titled Spec II

Well we all know how the fate of last year's Gran Turismo.

Street Fighter X Tekken, Alternate Costume Parade

This time I will show you just how exciting, unique, and oddly enough alternate costumes for Street Fighter X Tekken.

Start with Ryu, which appear like Ogre from Tekken 3. Looks more 'green' isn't it? While Ken, which he uses his favorite super hero costumes, namely Bokori Man, for me, he look like using Lars's.

The Makers of Zelda and Mario Will Be Retired From His Position

If you really love The Legend of Zelda and Mario Bross,you must know who the maker is, ya He is Shigeru
Miyamoto. There's some bad news about Him now, He'll be retired of His position as the head of Nintendo's game design deparment. He no longer active to develop The Legend of Zelda:Skyward Sword dan Super Mario Bros 3D Land and the development job to the younger Nintendo's programmer.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Review PS VITA

Ps Vita is the most waited hanheld gaming system, this Ps Vita 3G/WiFi will be truly perfect gaming console.
This is the next hendheld from Sony to continue their succes with PSP.